Sonic Forces Green Hill Zone
Classic Sonic in action in Sonic Force's Green Hill Zone. Sega

Sega has revealed the first look at Classic Sonic in action in a new gameplay clip from upcoming PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC title Sonic Forces. The footage shows a level inspired by the original Mega Drive version's iconic Green Hill Zone.

Unlike most recent Sonic the Hedgehog games, Forces will let players play both 2D and 3D levels with both the modern Sonic character design and the more rotund, classic version of the gaming legend.

To date we've only seen Modern Sonic in action in a post-apocalyptic world in which series villain Doctor Eggman has successfully conquered the world and is laying waste to its cities with big robots (because why not?).

How Classic Sonic will fit into this equation is a mystery. We now know what it'll be like to play as the character, but not how it fits into the game as a whole. Are there some interdimensional shenanigans going on?

Sega has strived for years to reinvigorate the Sonic franchise following a string of poorly-received games. Strong sales have sustained the series, but it hasn't yet come close to the heights of those early releases.

Sega celebrated the series' 25th anniversary last year by announcing both Forces and Sonic Mania, a new game bringing together classic levels from the Mega Drive games with brand new levels, all presented with an updated take on the 16-bit look of those titles.

Sonic fans know better than to get too excited by any new game heading their way, but few will ever give up on the blue speedster.

Sonic Forces is set for release towards the end of the year. Sonic Mania is planned to hit shelves over the summer.

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