It is a happy time for Sons Of Anarchy fans as their dream is finally taking shape. Kurt Sutter, the show creator of the popular cult classic series by FX, has revealed the theme of the rumoured new show that will be a spin-off/prequel to the biker series.

On 16 March, Sutter tweeted that he would introduce a "new project" during Wondercon 2016. "I'll be at #wondercon2016 next Friday, 3/25, to introduce a new project. Dipping my toe into a whole new puddle of blood. Very exciting," the 55-year-old American director and screen writer wrote on his Twitter account.

In another tweet, he revealed the base of the plot of the upcoming show and also slammed rumour mongers for spreading the SOA movie hoax. "There is NO, nor will there ever be, an SOA MOVIE. The MAYANS is the ONLY SOA project in development," Sutter wrote.

The show creator had previously denied planning any SOA movie with Brad Pitt and Charlie Hunnam as the lead.

In Sons Of Anarchy, the Mayans Motorcycle Club is an Oakland-based biker gang led by Marcus Alvarez. The group, populated with Mexican-Americans, is a rival of the motorcycle club of Charming, California, founded by John Teller, Jax Teller's father.

Fans of SOA are not new to blood-filled gun fights and gory murders committed in the name of relationships and professional ethics. It will be interesting to see how Sutter is planning to move ahead with the new series.