Fear The Walking Dead season 2 will premiere one week after the finale of The Walking Dead season 6. A lot is being expected from the companion series. As of now, fans of the popular AMC thriller know that the lead cast will take refuge in a yacht but whether they can survive in the vessel at the time of an apocalypse is a big question.

Dave Ericson, the executive producer of the show, has teased that Travis Manawa, Madison Clark, Victor Strand, Daniel Salazar and the rest of the characters will abandon the treacherous waters and soon hit land again.

"It could be sooner than you think," Erickson told Slashfilm. "We will be on the boat for a considerable amount of time. A lot of our action will take place on the boat but because we're not alone on the water, because there are threats at sea as well, we're going to be forced to go back. It won't be every episode. It's not going to be a new port of call every episode, but we'll go to land sooner rather than later."

The trailers of the popular series reveal a bleak future for the survivors as they board Strand's yacht. But will they be able to avoid the horde of zombies? Well, the answer is "no" because they soon come face-to-face with the survivors of Flight 462.

As of now, the zombie syndrome is spreading quite fast on the flight. The unnamed Asian girl and the teen boy appear to come out safe from the flight, which will probably crash-land in the waters.

Executive producer Gale Anne Hurd, meanwhile, revealed that contrary to fan theories, water is not always safe during a zombie apocalypse.

"Many, many fans of The Walking Dead said that they had the solution to the zombie apocalypse," Hurd told the website. "They'd take a boat and go to sea. Well, you know what? They're going to find out whether that was really the answer or not. I think some of what they'll see will surprise them."

Fear The Walking Dead season 2 will premiere on 10 April at 9pm EDT in the US on AMC. The premiere episode will air at 2am GMT on 11 April on BT TV. There will be a repeat telecast later that evening at 9pm GMT exclusively for BT viewers.