PS4 Slim Glacier White
The new white console Sony

Sony has announced that a white version of the new PS4 base model (known to most as the PS4 Slim) will go on sale in Europe on 24 January, and in Japan and Asia from 23 February.

A "Glacier White" version of the original PS4 model has existed since 2014, when it came as part of a bundle with Bungie's online shooter Destiny. The new slimmer PS4 base model – in "Jet Black" – was announced in September 2016.

Only the 500GB HDD version of the console will be available in white in Europe, with both the 500GB and 1TB consoles available with the new finish in Japan. Bundles will come with a white DualShock 4 controller too, though these have been available for a while already.

There's no sign of a Glacier White PS4 Pro yet, but if sales of the 4K-capable console are good enough to support it, there's no reason Sony wouldn't offer a white version.

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