Over the years, things have not been going well for Konami in the gaming front. Likewise, the outlook is not favourable for the Japanese video game outfit in the next few years. Reports point out that ever since the company had a falling out with renowned game producer Hideo Kojima, it has been a downward spiral from that point onward. Now, the latest rumours suggest that Sony is in talks with the publisher to acquire some of its franchises such as "Metal Gear," "Castlevania," and "Silent Hill" among others.

After the celebrated "Metal Gear" producer left Konami's offices, he founded Kojima Productions. The game studio went on to develop "Death Stranding" which went on to earn multiple recognitions as well as awards. Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Lea Seydoux, and several other actors were facial/motion-captured for their roles.

Kojima's last project before his sudden exit from Konami was "Silent Hills." Except for a short demo titled "P.T." that released on the PlayStation 4, the project was ultimately scrapped by the company. Moreover, famed movie director Guillermo del Toro was also on board to work on the game. However, after it was cancelled, he ended up making a cameo in "Death Stranding." Industry sources are hinting that Sony intends to fund two "Silent Hill" titles, reports TweakTown.

Nevertheless, it appears the original publisher remains reluctant to sell off its IP anytime soon. On the other hand, some claim that it might choose to license it and just collect the royalties that it generates. Meanwhile, industry insiders claim that Sony plans to develop two games based on the aforementioned survival horror franchise. These are supposedly a reboot of the original and the remake that was cut short.

Silent Hill 3
A screenshot from PS2 sequel Silent Hill 3. Konami

The latter will likely bring back Reedus to reprise his role as the protagonist of "Silent Hills" while Kojima and del Toro are likely to helm the production. The original rumour which was reportedly posted on controversial imageboard 4Chan (taken down) listed other series as well. Shortly after "Death Stranding" launched for the PlayStation 4, Kojima teased his fans with tweets hinting that his next target is to develop a horror game.