Spain police
A 20-year-old Spanish man asks father for ransom through fake kidnapper. Getty Images

A 20-year-old man from Cartagena, southeast Spain, faked his own kidnapping to seek ransom money from his parents.

The unidentified man reportedly went missing and reached out to his parents through an accomplice who pretended to be his kidnapper.

The accomplice was the head of a poker hall where the man had accumulated debt.

The accomplice made threatening calls to the parents allegedly saying that he would "chop off" their son's legs and kill him unless a ransom money was paid for his safe release, reported The Local.

When the man's father reached out to the local police and an investigation was initiated, he retuned home unhurt sparking suspicion.

The kidnapper also revealed a lot of knowledge on the family's properties during his calls, which added to police suspicions on it being a staged kidnapping.

Police investigations next led to the man confessing to staging his own kidnapping.

The man, along with his accomplice, remain on arrest awaiting charges.