British national Khong Tam Thanh,
Khong Tam Thanh ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP/Getty Image

Three British men have been sentenced to jail and caning for sexually assaulting a drunk and unconscious woman in a hotel room, according to reports.

The three men, Khong Tam Thanh, Vu Thai Son and Michael Le – all in their early 20s – took turns to rape a Malaysian woman at the Carlton Hotel last September.

They were initially charged with rape, but the charge was subsequently reduced to aggravated molestation in an apparent plea deal.

The men, of Vietnamese descent, were sentenced to jail terms of between five and six-and-a-half years and between five and eight strokes of the cane, the Straits Times reported.

The trio had travelled to Singapore to attend a stag do and music festival Ultra Singapore last year. The groom, who is Khong's brother, was also on the trip.

The three men met the victim at a nightclub, who was aged 22 at the time, and she reportedly agreed to have sex with one of them. However, when she passed out at the man's hotel room, the three men sexually assaulted her.

"While she was asleep, and quite unable to protect herself, they took advantage of her vulnerable state so as to commit these serious sexual crimes... In doing so, they showed no respect for her dignity and autonomy, and no regard for any harm and hurt they might cause to her," Judicial Commissioner Hoo Sheau Peng was quoted as saying.

Son received the most severe sentence for having had unprotected sex with the woman, exposing her to the risk of contracting diseases and unwanted pregnancy.

It is believed that Son texted his two other friends in their group chat named "Good boys on tour" saying: "Who's next?" after raping the victim, according to the The Sun.

However, Son claimed he was asking who was next to use the bathroom.

The victim woke up when Le was on top of her and she later filed a complaint with the police.

"They objectified her, they treated her like a thing to be used and abused," Deputy Public Prosecutor G. Kannan said.

"Intoxicated and asleep, she was unaware of what was going on around her. She was taken advantage of and raped in quick succession by the three," he added.

BBC journalist Karishma Vaswani said the men looked visibly relieved after the judge delivered their sentences.

The three men submitted apology letters to the woman.

Thanh offered the woman $5,000 (£3,857).

 Le Michael
British national Le Michael, 24, one of the three British men convicted for sexually assaulting a 23-year-old woman while visiting Singapore for a stag party, arrives at the Singapore high court on August 7, 2017 ROSLAN RAHMAN/AFP/Getty Images