Cows in garden
A group of frightened cows take refuge in the garden of a Manchester home. @GoateeSteve/Twitter


  • Video shows the cows wandering through the streets of Sale.
  • Their owner believes the cows were intentionally let out of the field.

A stampede of 50 cows ran amok through a Manchester suburb after they managed to escape from their enclosure. A video shows the rogue cows run through the narrow streets of a Sale housing estate, much to the bemusement of stunned onlookers. The incident took place on Little Ees Lane near Dunbar Farm on the evening of Tuesday October 24.

Pictures taken of the aftermath show the startled cows trampling residents' front gardens while they attempt to take refuge. Witness Stephen Bell, a heavy goods vehicle driver from the area, said he attempted to herd around 15 cows before calling police to the scene.

Speaking with Manchester Evening News he described what he saw: "I saw them running up and down Belmont Road, where I live. I started to follow them to see where they were going.

"They went into a garden and I helped herd them into a dead end on Ripon Grove. They ended up in someone's garden, ripping through all of the bushes. They were just eating grass without a care in the world.

"All the neighbours were out, as you can imagine.

"I have never herded cows before – there were about 15 of them. We just needed to get them calm and stop them running about to make sure they stayed in one area. One of the cows ended up damaging someone's vehicle. I spoke to the farmer and he believes someone has let them out on purpose."

According to a Manchester police spokeswoman, all cows are now safe and accounted for: "At around 7pm on Tuesday 24 October 2017, we were called to reports of cows on the road. The cows all were back in the field later that evening."