Shia LaBeouf
Shia LaBeouf arrived at the Nymphomaniac premiere wearing a paper bag over his head. Reuters

It was inevitable really. All of Shia LaBeouf's recent bizarre antics root back to when he was accused of plagiarism by author Daniel Clowes last year, so when the actor set up an art installation starring himself he really should have seen this coming.

Jerry O'Connell, who starred in Stand By Me, Sliders and Jerry Maguire, has parodied the contemporary art installation – which involves LaBeouf sitting in room wearing a paper bag that reads "I Am Not Famous Anymore" while never uttering a word to visitors who enter the room.

Set up next door to the gallery where LaBeouf will reside until Sunday, O'Connell's effort is called #IAMSORRYTOO, and also sees him sitting in a room and wearing a paper bag over his head, only his reads "Super Famous" – in a marvellous display of self-deprecation.

O'Connell is also a lot more talkative than the Transformers and Nymphomaniac star too, happily blabbing about anything and everything with visitors to the gallery.

Slash Film's Germain Lussier visited O'Connell, who greeted him by saying "I'm sorry, I'm sorry" in a baby voice before opening to talk about LaBeouf, previous roles in his career and the SuperBowl.

O'Connell's parody is being filmed, so will presumably show up online soon. The Wrap believes the parody has been set up in collaboration with sketch comedy site Funny or Die.