Star Wars Rebels
Star Wars Rebels episode 8 airs today Disney

Disney's animated show Star Wars Rebels returns with an all new episode today, November 17th at 9 pm on DisneyXD.

Episode 8 is titled Empire Day, where a refugee of the Empire seeks help from the rebels to get off the planet with important imperial information.

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The official synopsis reads:

The rebels strike during a parade celebrating the anniversary of the Empire's creation. Ezra, who was born on the same day, is preoccupied with his feelings towards his missing parents and opts out of the mission. He soon discovers that his parents' Rodian friend Tseebo is wanted by the Empire, and rejoins his friends to look for him. Finding Tseebo hiding in the basement of Ezra's old house, the rebels learn that the Rodian's mind has been implanted with information that is vulnerable to the Empire, and smuggle him off of Lothal aboard the Ghost. During the ensuing chase led by the Inquisitor, Tseebo regains his senses and reveals his knowledge of what happened to Ezra's parents.

In this clip from the Empire Day episode, Ezra revisits painful memories and Sabine makes a startling discovery.

In another clip, we see Ezra is drawn back to his original home.