The Rebel Crew will join forces with Clones to fight off Empire armies in the upcoming episode of Star Wars Rebels, airing this Wednesday, 21 October at 9.30pm on Disney XD. Episode 2 is titled, Relics Of The Old Republic and the official synopsis reads as follows:

Ezra and the crew begin to develop friendships with Captain Rex and his colleagues. But when the Empire discovers this newly emerged friendship, the rebels and clones must join forces to work together in order to survive an Imperial attack.

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The premiere episode saw Kanan having a hard time trusting Captain Rex and his Clones after what happened during the Clone Wars. But the young Jedi's suspicions proved true when the Rebels find out that Wolfee (one of the Clones) ratted out their location to the Empire, and kept Rex from seeing all of Ahsoka's previous messages to him.

All is well at the end with Rex apologising and teaming up with the Rebels crew but the episode ends with them stranded in Seelos as the phantom shuttle is blown apart and Empire's fleet is on its way.

In Relics Of The Old Republic, the Clones will honour their agreement and share critical intelligence on the Outer Rim territories, while, Kanan, Ezra, Zeb, and Sabine remain stuck on the ground as a sandstorm closes in on their position. Meanwhile, on the Ghost, Hera and Chopper spot a Star Destroyer coming out of hyperspace and heading right towards them.

A new promo shows the Rebels crew in a sticky situation, as Sabine says, "The probe hit us pretty badly, the remains are going to take a little longer." Kanan says, "We don't have much time. There is no telling when the Empire will get here. We have got to get off the surface."

However, Sabine sees a sandstorm headed their way, and tells Kanan, "The Empire is not the only problem, there is a storm coming up behind us."

Kanan points out, "If the Empire gets here before we take off, the storm will be the least of our problems." The Clones give the co-ordinates of all their secret bases to the Rebels, as Ezra thanks them. The video ends with Hera giving the team the bad news about the Empire's arrival.