Star Wars Rebels season 2
Ghost crew of Star Wars Rebels season 2 (Disney XD)

Star Wars Rebels season 2 will return on Disney XD after almost a four-month hiatus. The new episodes will begin airing on Wednesday, 14 October.

Season 2 premiered with a one-hour episode back in June, which introduced Ahsoka Tano and Darth Vader fighting the Ghost crew. During the special episode, when the Ghost crew met their newest adversary – Darth Vader – Ahsoka sensed something about him, but did not reveal whether or not she knew Vader to be her old master.

Ahsoka's suspicions will lead her to investigate the Sith, as teased in a new clip. A preview for the upcoming episode, titled The Lost Commanders, shows Ahsoka giving the Ghost crew some easy advice as they set out to find her mysterious ally.

Star Wars rebels
Kanan and Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars Rebels season 2 (Disney XD)

The promo opens with Kanan, Ezra, Hera, Zeb and Sabine inside a ship, where Ahsoka walks in with a mysterious device. Kanan wants to know if that's the head of an old tactical droid. Tano says, "These droids were great at finding things."

While Sabine checks the object, Ezra wonders, "How in all the Galaxy is that driod going to help find your friend?" "Well, I heard he was last seen in the Silos system. You can start there," says Ahsoka.

Ezra asks Ahsoka if she's not coming with them and Ahsoka says she has other things to attend to. To which Kanan quips, "The Sith Lord."

"There are questions," says Tano, "questions that need answering." Ezra says he wishes he could go with Ahsoka but Tano disagrees and says, "You have your own mission, Ezra. And Kanan, if you find my friend, you must trust him."

"If he is all the things you have said he is, we cannot afford not to," Kanan says. We then see Ahsoka leaving to hunt down the Sith Lord.

As previously announced, Disney has officially revealed that Star Wars Rebels season 2's episodes will be unveiled on 8 October at the New York Comic-Con, 2015. Disney has also released the synopsis for the upcoming episodes of Star Wars Rebels season 2, which reads as follows:

In Star Wars Rebels Season two, past lives will be revealed and the destiny of our heroes will be changed forever. The transformative new season resumes with Imperial oppression on Lothal growing stronger and the rebels seeking out new allies and additional resources to sustain their fight against the evil Empire. With the help of Ahsoka Tano, the crew of the Ghost enlists some old friends: ex-clone troopers who fought in the Clone Wars. As the rebels grow in number, so do their enemies. New Inquisitors are dispatched by Darth Vader and sent to crush any threat of rebellion. Through dangerous rescue missions, thrilling space chases, and spectacular lightsaber duels – the bond of our rebel crew will be put to the test like never before.