Among the shows that made a splash on Disney+ is "The Mandalorian" which has gained a cult following among "Star Wars" fans. After a stellar first season, the next instalment is slated to debut this week. Therefore, in a bid to drum up some publicity before the first episode drops on Friday, Oct. 30, Electric Arts and Motive Studios are giving players of "Star Wars: Squadrons" some bonus content update ahead of the show's premiere, which even includes the iconic Baby Yoda.

The first-person space combat title is the latest "Star Wars" video game from Electronic Arts, whose 10-year exclusivity deal with Disney expires in 2023. So far, the games have been developed by various studios, which had some inconsistencies when it comes to quality and gameplay. Then came the controversial pay-to-win mechanic, which mired the publisher's reputation among gamers. Thankfully, "Star Wars: Squadrons" does not suffer from any of its predecessor's oversights.

EA is calling the new content its Mandalorian Supply Drop DLC, and is free for all who own a copy of "Star Wars: Squadrons" Among the items that players can earn just from the gameplay are a dashboard flair of Baby Yoda as well as an IG-Series Assassin Droid. Other cosmetic items include holograms, decals, and hanging flairs, which will be exclusive for each faction, reports The Verge. This means those who are connected to the Empire won't have access to the "Mysterious Creature" bobblehead.

Meanwhile, other items listed by EA include the Razor Crest Gunship, Beskar Ingot, Bounty, and Blurrg. The first two are hanging flairs, while the latter are holograms for each respective faction. So far, the developers have confirmed that there are no plans for post-launch paid DLC, which has been apparently met with positive feedback from fans and gaming industry pundits.

Soon you too can take the Mysterious Creature with you wherever you go. The Mandalorian cosmetics are coming to #StarWarsSquadrons! Learn more in the latest Pilot Briefing:

— EA Star Wars (@EAStarWars) October 26, 2020

It is evident that Motive Studios intended to recreate the experience of what it is like to be a pilot in one of the several starfighters that have been featured in the franchise. Aside from its first-person cockpit perspective, those with compatible VR headsets can enjoy an even more immersive interaction as players are given a 360-degree view of everything within the game. Baby Yoda – along with the rest of The Mandalorian Supply Drop DLC goes live on Wednesday.

'The Mandalorian' features Baby Yoda
"The Mandalorian," featuring the viral internet sensation Baby Yoda, was the flagship launch show for Disney's on-demand platform. Photo: GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Craig Barritt