We've all got to start somewhere, Lena Dunham will tell you. The super-successful writer, producer and director of HBO hit television series Girls recently released the original pitch for the show, and admits it was terrible.

After five seasons of entertaining the world with its edgy, forward-thinking formula with its realistic characters and storylines, The Hollywood Reporter has celebrated the show's sixth and final season. While reflecting the show's oral history, the publication interviewed the main cast members, leading to Dunham digging out an old pitch.

The 30-year-old funny woman described it as "the worst pitch you've ever read" and "pretentious and horrifying" in her usual, self-deprecating manner.

She went on to say: "It doesn't mention a character, doesn't mention a plot. "They're everything, they're nothing, they're everywhere, they're nowhere." I mean, it's the worst pitch you've ever read — pretentious and horrifying — but I remember writing it, sitting on the floor listening to Tegan and Sara in my underwear, being like, "I'm a genius."'

It includes all the gory details of what encapsulated Dunham's generation, from Facebooking to popular TV shows like Gossip Girl.

It's here! The exclusive Girls oral history. We've been a lot of places, seen a lot of faces, and now we're ready to French you Goodbye. Link in bio!

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Another part of it says: "Sex and the City depicted women who had mastered their careers and were now being driven crazy by the tick of their biological clocks," the manifesto starts.

"Gossip Girl is about losing your virginity and gaining popularity, in a world where no one is old enough to worry about making a living.

"But between adolescence and adulthood is an uncomfortable middle-ground, when women are ejected from college and into a world with neither glamour nor structure. The resulting period of flux is heartbreaking and hilarious and way too human. It's humbling and it's sexy and it's ripe for laughs." Read the full pitch on Hollywood Reporter.

Despite slamming her own literature, Dunham must have done something right as the show has since won critical acclaim and fans across the globe since its premiere in 2012. The comedy-drama follows the lives of four young women in New York City – but they're nothing like Sarah Jessica Parker's clan.

What proved to be a success is the fact that the series' premise and major aspects, including the main character, was drawn from Dunham's own life.

HBO renewed the series for a sixth and final season which will premiere on 12 February 2017.