Steven Universe
In the final episode, the Crystal Gems will plan a strategy to defeat the Rubies Cartoon Network

Steven Universe season 3 will end its four-week In Too Deep event next week and episode 3 is titled Hit the Diamond. The episode will begin right after the events of Barns Mate and the focus will remain on the relationship between Peridot and Lapis Lazuli.

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In episode 3, the Crystal Gems will plan their strategy to defeat the Rubies, who have emerged from a spacecraft that Peridot thinks was sent by the Yellow Diamond, one of the rulers of Homeworld. Fans are well aware of the strained relationship between Peridot and the Yellow Diamond.

While the former Homeworld gem is scared of the incoming attack, Steven tries to comfort her by saying: "We won't let them get you". However, Peridot is too embarrassed for the troubles caused to the Crystal Gems but Garnet tells her that it's the team's duty to protect her and asks everyone to follow her plan. She then turns into Ruby and Sapphire.

The team then decides to challenge the Rubies for a baseball match, where if the Rubies win they can have the barn and if they lose they will leave the Earth forever. But Lapis doesn't seem to agree with the plan.

From the promos released by Cartoon Network, it appears the Crystal Gems team is losing as the Rubies can be seen marching towards the winning point. What will happen if they win the baseball match? Will Steven be able to save Peridot from the moment of crisis?

All the questions will be answered when Steven Universe season 3 returns on Thursday (2 June) at 7pm ET/PT.