Secrets and Lies season 2
In Secrets and Lies season 2, detective Andrea Cornell will investigate a new case after solving the Tom Murphy murder case in season 1 ABC

Detective Andrea Cornell will be back in action as Secrets And Lies returns with season 2. This time, Juliette Lewis will be seen solving another murder mystery. The anthology thriller by ABC has garnered a massive fan following for its impressive storytelling.

After solving the tricky Tom Murphy murder mystery, Cornell will return to Charlotte to conduct a formal inquiry into the high-profile death of Kate Warner who recently got married to Eric, an heir apparent of his family's private equity firm. Soon Eric becomes the prime suspect in the investigation.

The promo released by ABC offers more information about the plot and the confrontation between the detective and Eric. Underestimating Cornell's abilities, Eric starts his personal investigation into the case to the police and learns that his wife had withdrawn huge sums of money for reasons unknown.

Moreover, Eric learns that he is trapped in a web of lies and needs to find a way to avoid the detective's eyes.

The synopsis for season 2 reads as follows:

Kate Warner fell to her death from a 12-story building, but this was no accident, all evidence points to this being a homicide. Detective Andrea Cornell is brought in to root out the real killer. Her prime suspect is Kate's husband, Eric Warner. Join Detective Cornell as she digs up secrets, exposes lies, and brings to light the truth of this tragic and senseless death.

Eric's family members including Amanda Warner, Melanie Warner (AnnaLynne McCord), Patrick Warner (Charlie Barnett) and Danny will also be under the scanner in the thriller series.

Secrets And Lies season 2 will premiere in fall this year. ABC is yet to announce the air date of its popular show.