Fomous App
The new app Famous draws many similarities from the controversial Stolen App

Heyday, the developer of controversial app Stolen that allowed users to trade in Twitter profiles, has launched a new app on the Apple App store, which lets users claim to be the biggest fan of a Twitter profile.

The new app helps you accrue points by doing some activity like inviting more followers and by collecting favourite friends, celebrities, and brands from Twitter. The more points you accrue, the bigger fan you are. The fun part in the app is about competing with other fans to claim that position of the number one fan.

At present, the app available in the Apple store is on an invite-only basis, and is still in the beta stage before the Android release. Siqi Chen, co-founder, and CEO of Heyday, has brought in a lot of learning from the Stolen debacle.

"So like you were on your Twitter and you were all like "omg notice me justin im ur biggest fan" and then he didn't and then you were all sad but then you found this Famous app and you can totally be his biggest fan here but no this other fan had to be the biggest fan, and now you're like fighting over who's been the biggest fan longer and then you become the biggest fan again but no that other fan keeps on being the justin's biggest fan and you're like "what is this this app is stupid" but then you can't stop playing because you love justin so much and you already told him you're his biggest fan so," goes a description on the App store page.

Much like the Stolen app, the Famous app also involves showing off your Twitter connect and influence, but in a very toned down manner and avoids "stealing" or "owning" Twitter profiles. Besides, users of this app have to be part of Famous unlike its predecessor, where users could tag any Twitter profile in his/her collection and trade it over the Stolen platform. Users can make in-app purchases using game credits or money.

The app is yet to grab much attention, but early users, who have downloaded the game, have already started posting their comments.

"Oh man, it's back! Hope this version isn't too triggering for the nutjobs that won't play it anyway," wrote user Sparrowsluck, in the app store reviews.

Another user, Andz54332, commented, "Remember that horrible app called "Stolen!"? Yeah well, this is the more horrible version of that called "Famous!". No, but for real, It's pretty amazing how the devs picked up on the criticism and made the app better. It just shows how much the devs care about the app and the community, we don't see that a lot."

In January, Stolen was pulled from app stores after a massive public backlash, even though it enjoyed tremendous success, with roughly a million downloads and over 40,000 active users.