Suits season 6 summer finale
Mike Ross is finally out of prison in Suits season 6 episode 9 USA Network

After spending the first 9 episodes of Suits season 6 in Danbury Federal prison, Mike Ross is finally free, thanks to the deal he made with Sean Cahill and a little last minute stunt he pulled with Frank Gallo in episode 9.

The former Pearson Specter Litt lawyer was serving time after being exposed as a fraudster in the season 5 finale. Patrick J. Adams who plays Mike spoke to Entertainment Weekly about what is next in store for his character and whether fans will see him practice law again.

Adams said, "I think that's the question he's asking himself. He doesn't really know. When he was giving his closing statement, he was pretty adamant that he felt he had wasted his time and his energy and his talent by working for the one-percenters and he swore there that he would never really do that again."

According to the actor, Harvey will do everything he can to work with Mike again. "So, I think that now that he's out, and obviously Harvey is going to want to do whatever he can to work with Mike again, he has to figure out how he can make something like that work — who are the people he really wants to be fighting for and how exactly he would do it, because obviously being a lawyer is not really an option," he explained.

When asked about the summer finale episode, the Legends Of Tomorrow actor teased, "There's a lot of stuff I don't want to tease. I know that it's just an excellent episode with having Mike back in the fold and having a trial where the stakes couldn't be higher. Watching the conclusion of everything that's going on with the firm and trying to keep it afloat is very important.

"There's a lot of balls in the air. We've got Louis and Tara, Mike and Rachel, and Jessica trying to save the firm, and a lot of them come to a very satisfying conclusion in this finale. As always, the show will be a little different moving forward after the finale."

The summer finale episode is titled, PSL, which will air on 14 September at 9pm EST on USA Network. The official synopsis for episode 10 reads as follows:

Jessica and Rachel fight to save Leonard Bailey; Harvey and Louis try to keep clients from abandoning ship by wooing their oldest client.