Supernatural season 11
Supernatural season 11 official poster teases a dark season ahead The CW

Things are going to go haywire for Sam and Dean in Supernatural season 11, as a new trailer shows the younger Winchester brother seeking God's help to fight the new menace called Darkness. The season 10 finale ended on a cliffhanger with Sam and Dean enveloped by Darkness.

It looks like things will only get worse for the Winchesters. The season 11 trailer opens with Sam praying, "Can you hear me God? We need your help."

Even as the Winchester boys turn to God for help, Castiel and Crowley are not doing too well, a promo shows. We also see Angel struggling to fight Rowena's guard-dog spell that compelled him to kill the King of Hell. The video teases a dark season ahead with Sam saying, "This is my fault and I don't know how to fix it."

Besides, Sam and Dean will have nightmarish visions, this season. Actor Jared Padalecki (Sam) in an interview with Entertainment Weekly said, "Sam and Dean are both struggling with the idea that they don't always know what's real and what's not and they're both having visions of sorts, or they both think they're having visions."

Actor Jensen Ackles (Dean) teased that the upcoming season will be more like a flashback of season 1 and 2. "It's a bit of a throwback to maybe season 1 or season 2, when the brothers were fighting less with each other and fighting more for humanity as a team," Ackles teased.

The actor explained that the 11th season will find Sam and Dean teaming up and trying to figure out how to deal with this new threat. Jensen explained, "Because over the years there's been a flip-flop of Sam being afflicted and Dean doing everything he can to save his brother, and then the next year, Dean makes some terrible choice like the Mark of Cain and then it's Sam trying to do everything he can to save his brother. We've done that now.

"The brothers have been saved; the Mark is gone. And now they've kind of unleashed this unknown entity and they've got to team up and pool their resources and figure out how they're going to deal with it," he concluded. Supernatural season 11 will premiere on 7 October on The CW.