Mark Sheppard
Mark Sheppard as Crowley on Supernatural series The Cw

Crowley, aka the King of Hell, has cheated death many times, but season 12 is the end of road for the beloved character. Mark Sheppard will not return as Crowley in Supernatural season 13, after the tragic finale that aired on 18 May.

Sheppard took to social media to confirm the news with a goodbye post. Alongside a photo of him giving a flying kiss on Instagram, the 52-year-old wrote, "So to all my #spnfamily everywhere... my crew and my fellow storytellers... thanks for the ride. Time for something new. Even when I lose..."

Fans are not happy to learn that Sheppard's character will not return as series regular and took to Instagram to share their views. A user wrote, "We're gonna miss you tbh Crowley deserved so much better oh my god he was one of my absolute favourites"

Another Supernatural fan wrote, "You and Crowley deserved so much better than what you got. Thank you for everything. Long live the best King of the Crossroads and Hell."

Some felt that the show will not be the same without the King Of Hell. A user wrote, "It's not going to be the same show without you".

Another fan commented, "Please tell me that Crowley is coming back! He has to! The show isn't the same without Crowley!!!! ❤ I mean seriously your the King Of hell! Without you well hell is just even more hell!!!!"

"We will absolutely miss you, Mark! ❤ Crowley was, and always will be, one of my favorites! Cannot believe you won't be there on SPN nights!" commented another fan.

Sheppard made his debut in Supernatural season 5, made several appearances in later seasons before he was promoted to series regular in Season 10.

In Supernatural season 12 episode 23 titled, All Along the Watchtower, Crowley came up with a plan to trap Lucifer on the alternate apocalyptic Earth and seal him off there, but to complete that spell, someone had to die. The King of Hell made the ultimate sacrifice, by killing himself with an angel blade to save everyone.