Holly Malone
Holly Malone, 43 Connecticut State Police

Authorities in Connecticut have said that a serial pooper has been arrested after defecating in a cul-de-sac for the third time.

State Police said that a motion-activated camera set up after the third time faeces was discovered on the street finally caught the suspect's vehicle.

43-year-old Holly Malone was arrested during an unrelated traffic stop that connected her vehicle to the one police had identified.

The first two incident occured on 7 and 16 November last year where human excrement and toilet paper was found in a roadway.

The motion-activated camera then caught the third incident on 5 December, leading to Malone's car being identified by police, authorities said.

Police said that Malone had apologised, the Associated Press reported, claiming that she is lactose intolerant but sometimes eats dairy products - leaving her caught short and having to stop in the cul-de-sac some miles from her home.

Malone was charged with misdemeanour breach of peace and creating hazardous conditions. She will be arraigned in early March.