Sylvester Stallone

While working on the set of his Paramount+ series, Tulsa King, Sylvester Stallone has been accused of making cruel remarks about the "extras" working on the show.

There have also been claims that Stallone, best known for starring as Rocky Balboa in the 1976 sports film Rocky, had created a "toxic" working environment.

A toxic work environment, which includes harassment, bullying and ostracism in the workplace, is responsible for psychological strains, burnout and stress among employees, according to research published by the National Library of Medicine.

In a recently deleted post on X, formerly Twitter, TV Writer Julie Benson wrote: "Got this disturbing news from my Atlanta friend whose background on Tulsa King this wk."

"The casting agent quit because she was so disgusted. My friend is feeling anxious about working now. @TheSlyStallone, what do you have to say for yourself, sir? Beyond disappointed, I'm livid."

The Rocky actor, 77, plays Dwight "The General" Mandfredi in Tulsa King, a character recently released from prison after serving a 25-year sentence.

The statement, posted on the social media platform on 8 April, comes after Casting Director Rose Locke, who was working on Tulsa King, quit the series.

A recent MIT Sloan Management Review report also found that employees are ten times more likely to quit their jobs because of a toxic work environment than disputes over low pay.

Benson's X post also included screenshots of a Facebook upload that accused Stallone of referring to the background actors with abusive comments and asking Director Craig Zisk: "What the F*** is happening with these F****** ugly backgrounds?"

"He and the director proceeded to call certain people terrible names and laughed at them. 'Tub of lard,' 'fat guy with a cane' and was making fun of their weight and handicaps," the Facebook post alleged.

On the CL Casting Facebook page, a background actor who worked on the series claimed: "I was there, right behind Mr. Stallone. He shouted to the director to come over here. Lots of F-bombs dropped."

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"Stallone was very upset with the look of the background actors. Said they were hideous and old and fat. Next thing, people are being told to go back to holding, and younger people are being brought in."

Healthline, a leading health publication, has also reported that a toxic workplace "causes disengagement among employees, decreases productivity, stifles creativity and innovation, and results in high turnover."

A toxic workplace will impact not only a worker's physical and mental health but also their livelihoods. A toxic work environment can generate an unorganised lifestyle and ruin work and home productivity.

The signs of a toxic work environment also include narcissistic behaviour, offensive language, aggressive leadership and threatening behaviour from managers and co-workers.

To deal with a toxic workplace, employees are advised to remember that there is only so much they can do to improve the work culture, leave the workplace on their lunch break, stay focused on their goals and set boundaries with managers.

To boost a work-life balance, workers should create an after-work ritual to clear their minds of negativity and increase their energy.

If workers recognise that their toxic work situation will not improve, they should consider leaving their jobs and searching for a new position.