Tallulah Willis says she is transforming into her mother, Demi Moore, as she gets older.

Tallulah Willis, Demi Moore's youngest daughter whom she shares with ex-husband Bruce Willis, is seeing more of her mother in herself with every passing year.

In a recent conversation with Story+Rain's Tamara Rappa on Instagram Live last week, the 26-year-old said: "I do find that I am becoming my mother in the most complimentary way."

The businesswoman also noted that her mother has also been "so supportive and collaborative" of her designs for her fashion brand, "Wyllis." She also revealed that a lot of pieces in her collection have been inspired by the "Striptease" actress.

"A lot of the pieces come from her collection - because a lot of the pieces come from vintage reference pieces - you know so she plays a really big part in all of this and in all the aspects of myself- you know, I think I really draw from her," Tallulah said.

She further praised Moore for exploring herself at the age of 58, and dubbed it "inspiring." She said: "She's even, I think, at this point in her life now still exploring and coming into herself creatively, which is so inspiring for me because I think you can get really hung up on 'I didn't figure it out soon enough' and that I do sometimes have a bone to pick with the energy around school and college."

However, Tallulah and Demi's relationship wasn't always so strong. They went through quite a rough patch during the latter's marriage with Ashton Kutcher, when Demi was trying to conceive. In a heartfelt tribute to Demi on Mother's Day in May this year, Tallulah wrote: "I didn't talk to my mom for almost 3 years and during that shattered time this day would transport me from fragmented pieces to absolute dust."

Tallulah recently opened up about her struggles with mental health and got a brain scan that purports to reveal the "effect of past trauma on her brain." "I think there's a validation in having someone say, 'I can see exactly where the trauma lies in your brain. I can see this is where you get more anxious,'" she said about the scan done by Amen Clinics.

Tallulah Willis, the youngest daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, has allegedly entered rehab.
Tallulah Willis, the youngest daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis Getty