Apple's upcoming 10th anniversary iPhone is shaping up to be the most innovative Cupertino flagship in years, if the rumour mill is to believed. Of course that hasn't stopped wild speculation over the next, next iPhone, or indeed the work of concept artists dreaming up features and designs that could well have come from a certain Jony Ive.

The latest impressive concept comes from Prince Studio which has imagined what Apple's next iOS update could bring to the popular smartphone via a Behance studio gallery.

Dubbed "iOS 12 - The Next Revolution", the fantasy update, pictured in typical Apple-like fashion right down to the text font, borrows a few Android favourites and long-requested user interface (UI) changes that we can only hope will one day surface in a genuine iPhone upgrade.

The best 'iOS 12' features listed take full advantage of the revamped iPhone 8 design we've seen in recent renders (and, bizarrely, a McDonald's advertisement), with many making use of the extra edge-to-edge screen space and minimal bezels. These include notification icons that appear above the screen and a vertical "Quick Switcher" accessed by swiping the side of the display.

Other features will feel more than a little familiar to those who have used an Android phone in recent years, such as an always-on display, unified notifications and a trio of virtual navigation keys. The latter also includes a virtual home button/Touch ID sensor, which was long-rumoured for the iPhone 8 but appears likely to miss out due to technical issues.

You can see the impressive creation in its entirety here, where you can also download the pictured concept wallpapers for your current handset.