Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris
Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris want to date for some more time before getting married REUTERS/Danny Moloshok; Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Rumours were afloat about Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris getting hitched before August but it seems like the couple have decided to take it slow for now. It was earlier reported that the Blank Space singer and her DJ boyfriend were planning to wed in Hawaii.

But, now a source tells HollywoodLife that the couple will not be getting married before August. "He [Harris] wants to definitely propose to her, she is his endgame, but it is not going to happen anytime soon," the source said. "They have talked marriage but they are not in a rush to get there just yet. They want to date a little longer before they take the next step."

Previously, another source told HollywoodLife: "They'd [Swift and Harris] like to get married as soon as August. It's all happening really fast. She finally feels settled. Even though they still have this crazy, bicoastal lifestyle, she says, 'Wherever Calvin is, that's my home.'"

The wedding plans might be on hold but it does seem as if Harris has been able to change the singer's views on marriage. Before Swift started dating Harris, she had expressed her scepticism about getting hitched. The two celebrated their first anniversary together on 6 March at an undisclosed beach and later shared photos on Instagram.

Rumours also have it that Swift does not want her close friend and model Kendall Jenner to attend her wedding because of their past relationship with One Direction singer Harry Styles. However, according to gossip sites Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne will be attending Swift's wedding whenever it takes place.

"Kendall irritated Taylor recently by cavorting with her ex [Harry Styles]," a close friend of Taylor said, according to HollywoodLife. "Taylor just doesn't want any drama on her big day," the insider added.