Taylor Swift
Swifties are speculating about a Taylor Swift appearance in the Kelce family special episode in the 'New Heights' podcast on Friday after Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce announced that their family would be answering questions in the next podcast.

In a recent development in Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's relationship, the Kansas City Chiefs NFL star and his brother Jason Kelce have hinted that the pop star could be appearing in their 'New Heights' podcast in the coming week.

This comes at a time when the NFL star's recent attempts to surprise girlfriend Taylor Swift fell flat on Christmas. Kelce had made grand plans for Swift but the December 25 loss of the Kansas City Chiefs to the Las Vegas Raiders dampened the Christmas spirit. The American pop icon had cheered for his boyfriend at the Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City along with her family.

Despite his best efforts, Travis Kelce couldn't reach 1,000 yards for the season as he fell short of 76 yards. Kayla Nicole, the ex-girlfriend of Travis Kelce, taunted the couple with a "karma is real" cryptic message on social media.

Nicole and Kelce were in an on-and-off relationship until they broke up in 2022. She has been posting cryptic messages often ever since the pop star got into a relationship with the NFL star in September 2022.

Kayla Nicole shared Ash Taylor's poem, which read: "Love isn't confusing. Karma is real. The belief you have in yourself determines the life you have. Every painful experience is a lesson in disguise", on social media.

Taylor Swift was seen sporting Travis jersey number 87 and a Christmas cap as she watched the Kansas City Chiefs play along with her mother Andrea, father Scott and brother Austin. Travis Kelce had planned to celebrate Christmas with 1000-yard seasons consecutive records. But Kelce could gain only 44 yards and failed to score a touchdown, which resulted in his team losing the game to the Las Vegas Raiders.

Is Taylor Swift part of the Kelce family now?

Amidst this, the Kelce brothers, Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce announced yesterday (December 27) that they will be hosting a holiday special episode of their podcast "New Heights" later this week. The holiday spectacular episode will feature several members of the Kelce family and Swifties are hoping that Taylor Swift will appear on it.

"For you 92 percenters for being so loyal and tuning in every single week and being such fans of the Kelce household, we have a Kelce family year-end holiday spectacular", Travis Kelce said yesterday announcing the guest episode.

"It's going to be a revolving door of Kelce family members coming through to talk with us, and we cannot wait to share it with you this Friday. We haven't even recorded it yet, so we're saying it's going to be fun, and we don't – but it's going to be fun", Travis Kelce added.

Jason Kelce revealed that the family members will answer fans' questions regarding the family including those for Jason's wife Kylie Kelce.

Although the couple aren't officially engaged, Twitter is rife with Swifties speculating about a Taylor Swift appearance in the "New Heights" podcast.

One fan enthusiastically shared on X, "Taylor will be on the New Heights special guest episode on Friday", while another tweeted, "KELCE FAMILY EPISODE OF NEW HEIGHTS THIS FRIDAY, WITH KYLIE!!!! WILL TAYLOR BE THERE???"

Another fan tweet read: "Any Swifties that follow me and also listen to the New Heights podcast I need to know if I'm the only person who's delulu in thinking [Swift's publicist] tree [Paine] will let Taylor be on the podcast?"

The two have been dating since summer and seen spending quality time together including the Kansas City Chiefs match on Christmas Day where Taylor and Travis held hands as Travis' team lost the match.

Earlier in a Time magazine interview, Taylor said: "By the time I went to that first game [in September], we were a couple. I think some people think that they saw our first date at that game. We would never be psychotic enough to hard launch a first date."