A woman teaching at a suburban high school near Paris has reported five of her students to the police, accusing them of sexual assault.

The alleged assault took place as the male students cornered their teacher in a corridor and touched her repeatedly on 23 November at Auguste-Renoir high school, in Asniere, near Paris.

The woman had written disciplinary reports on the group for their behaviour during a security exercise, which allegedly prompted the assault. Although their ages weren't reported, lower sixth students are usually aged around 16-17 years old.

The teacher has reported them to the police for sexual assault, and an investigation in underway. The group will also appear before the school's disciplinary committee.

Classes have been cancelled since 30 November, as students are boycotting in protest. One of the school's other teachers told le Parisien that the students didn't know "what consequences their actions had." All members of staff are supporting the woman.

French law recognises sexual assault as: "An act of sexual nature, without penetration conducted on somebody else's body using violence, constraint, threat or surprise." Strokes or touching someone's body can fall under that category.

If the five students are judged guilty as adults, they could each face a maximum sentence of five years in jail and owe a fine of €75,000 (£66,075). However, if convicted as juveniles, they will face up to half of the maximum penalty for adults.

By contrast, in Australia a 35-year-old teacher had sex with her student in a school cupboard to "make him happy." The sexual relation was consensual at first, but the student has since described the teacher as a "f*****g monster". She's now facing trial in New South Wales this month.