Teen Mom 2 season 7
Teen Mom 2 season 7 airs Monday on MTV Network MTV

Teen Mom 2 season 7 comes to an end this Monday, with the girls and their families travelling to Los Angeles for taping the reunion special. Also, estranged couple Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry will reconcile but she will be blindsided by allegations following the meeting.

The finale episode is titled, Behind The Scenes, which will air on 20 March at 9pm EST on MTV Network. The official synopsis for episode 25 reads as follows:

The girls and their families travel to LA for the Teen Mom 2 reunion and the drama follows. Jenelle and Barbara's onstage feud leads to a backstage blowout. After reconciling with Javi, Kailyn is blindsided by allegations.

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Previously, Lowry who is currently expecting her third baby, spoke about Javi and the gender of her unborn child. During MTV's live aftershow for Teen Mom 2, Lowry revealed, "I feel bad he [Javi] hasn't moved on as quickly as I did."

She explained to show's host Nessa that Javi believes every rumour he will hear about his estranged wife. "Javi believes every single rumor. How many times can I say sorry about what I've done? I can't apologize for something I didn't do. He can't believe everything he hears."

Kailyn also opened up about how "excited" her two children –Isaac and Lincoln – are about welcoming a new sibling. "They keep fighting over whether it's a girl or a boy," she said on the show with a smile. The reality TV star admitted that she does not care about the gender of her unborn child, but revealed that she is nervous about having a baby girl. "I don't care, boy or girl, but I don't know how I'm going to do it with a girl. If she's anything like me, it's going to be rough."