Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham posing for the cameras Getty

Farrah Abraham, who is often under public scrutiny due to her parenting skills, has shared a bizarre incident that happened to her when she was out shopping with her 8-year-old daughter.

The Teen Mom star took to social media to admit that she once forgot her daughter Sophia in a store. The reality star has said that she had almost reached her vehicle when she realised she had mistakenly left her little girl at the store.

"Ladies (and men) Ever returned to your car and realized you've left your child in the store! Omg, this happened once, but since starting @focus.factor Extra Strength there's no way that will happen!" Abraham wrote alongside a photo, which shows her posing with a product she claims to make one's memory better.

Soon after she shared the post on Instagram, she was slammed by fans for being an irresponsible parent.

"@farrah__abraham you're telling the entire world that you NEED some bs pills to REMEMBER YOU HAVE YOUR DAUGHTER WITH YOU WHEN YOU GO OUT TO A STORE? wow. don't have anymore children please until you become an actual responsible adult," a fan commented.

Another said, "Nope, never left my kid in a store. It's calling being a responsible adult. Try it sometime."

"Your [sic] joking right .???? Here's a tip if your brains that shot you forget your daughter in the store you might try partying less and focusing more on parenting .... With out trying to convince all of us 'focus factor' is the next best thing," a third fan said.

Abraham was previously slammed for promoting a fashion website with the help of her daughter Sophia. The little girl is seen decked out in full makeup in a snap she shared on the photo-and-video sharing application.

"#firstdayofschool free package @chickbyglossy @sophialabraham www.ChickByGlossy.com code "Sophia" #School #Fashion," she wrote alongside the image of her daughter.