In the tech industry, Elon Musk is considered by some as a visionary with ground-breaking ideas that go from paper to production. Notable achievements include PayPal, SpaceX, and Tesla among others. The latter is now a household name when it comes to all-electric transportation. Some individuals claim that the innovation it brings to the table is outstanding. Last year, Musk debuted the latest addition to his company's lineup called the Cybertruck. Now, Russian Luxury brand Caviar draws inspiration from the aforementioned ride and presents the Cyberphone.

Thanks to the advancements Tesla made with technology for emission-free vehicles, even top automotive brands have expressed interest to gradually switch from fossil fuel to all-electric powertrains in the future. Aside from the eco-friendly nature of its products, each one sports attractive aesthetics. As a tribute to the newest vehicle model, the premium smartphone will share some familiar elements with the Cybertruck, reports CNet.

I'm gonna tell my kids this is the first pick-up

— Tesla (@Tesla) November 23, 2019

Caviar starts off with a stock iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max and builds the Cyberphone from the ground up. Gone are the rounded corners, frosted glass rear panel, and stainless-steel frames which are entirely removed and replaced with something more premium.

More utility than a pick-up
Better performance than a sports car

— Tesla (@Tesla) November 22, 2019

The brand is no stranger when it comes to decking out their creations with precious metals and gemstones. However, in line with the futuristic vibe of the Cybertruck, the designers went with Titanium for its outstanding durability and lightweight nature.

In its place are angular surfaces, edges, as well as cutouts that resemble vents or grilles of an automobile. The metal plating even extends all the way to the front forming a mechanical cover with a hinge mechanism that turns it into an integrated stand. Owners can have a peace of mind that their pricey investment already boasts unparalleled protection out of the box.

Ingredients for a luxury cocktail:
One Iphone 11 PRO
Tesla Cybertruck
a twist of titanium

= CAVIAR Cyberphone, the russian smartphone you can buy for ‘just’ $5000 (at least the version with no extras)#apple #luxury #iphone #tesla

— Marcos Viladomiu (@MarcosViladomiu) January 29, 2020

It uses a combination of finishes for the titanium panels: brushed and a matte PVD coating. The rest of the assembly flaunt an anodised coating as well as a unique engraving. Caviar plans to manufacture only 99 examples of the Cyberphone and pre-orders are now available for those who are interested. Those who already have plans to get the Cybertruck might want to own a smartphone with a matching design.

Tesla Cybertruck inspired the Caviar Cyberphone
Caviar unveils its latest customized luxury smartphone the Cyberphone which is inspired by Tesla's Cybertruck. Photo: Caviar