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The 18-year-old girl told the Children's Advocacy Center that her step-father had impregnated her iStock

Parents of a mentally disabled Texan teenager were arrested after her body was found in their partially burnt down house earlier this year. The investigation determined that the girl's uterus had been removed.

On 10 February, Holli Jeffcoat was found with her throat slit and her organs removed. Her body was recovered from her parents' home in West Texas where someone had tried to start a fire. According to the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, a few weeks before the incident, Jeffcoat, a special needs student told an interviewer at the Children's Advocacy Center that her step-father had been having sex with her and she had become pregnant.

Following her murder, the 18-year-old girl's mother Debi Bryant Holland was arrested on 29 April after being accused of allowing her daughter to be sexually abused and was charged with aggravated sexual assault of a disabled person, Lubbock County records show.

KAMC-TV reported that according to the Lubbock County Sheriff's Office, the 38-year-old knew that her daughter, who had the mental age of a six-seven year-old, was being sexually assaulted, but let the attacks happen.

Jeffcoat's stepfather, 39-year-old James Holland, was arrested in March and charged with the continuous sexual abuse of another teenage relative.

Following news that the girl had been sexually abused, authorities were called in and the victim's step-father was ordered to move out of the house. However, authorities alleged that his wife let him move back in.

Another female relative has also come forward claiming that James Holland had sexually abused her from the age of nine. The girl has reportedly told the police that she witnessed the stepfather sexually assaulting Jeffcoat as well.

"By providing [the husband] access to her daughters after being made aware that [he] was molesting them, [the mother] aided [him] in the sexual assaults of her daughters," the arrest warrant read.