A young British backpacker who was critically injured in a moped accident is now said to be out of danger after dozens of people donated blood. Lucy Hill, from Bury, suffered a broken hip and bleeding in the brain in the accident in Chiang Mai in the north of the country. She urgently needed blood but has a rare blood group, 'A negative,' which few people in Thailand have.

Following the accident last Saturday (9 January) Lucy's family made an online appeal for donors which went immediately viral, being shared more than 40,000 times in just a few hours. Dozens of locals and backpackers went to Maharaja Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital and queued for two hours before the hospital opened to give blood. Now the hospital says Lucy is out of immediate danger and in a "critical but stable" condition.

Hospital director Dr Weerachart Lertnitikul said: "Family and friends of the patient posted messages on social media both Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Within 24 hours, we received many blood donations. The donations are from Thai people as well as foreigners, both tourists and expats. Currently, [Lucy] is now safe."

Lucy, who was on a gap year after graduating from Leeds Beckett University, is still in intensive care with mother Alison at her bedside. Lucy's father Phil said it was humbling that so many strangers took the time and effort to help, telling ITV News: "She's in a bit of a mess. You could say it's quite serious. We're still trying to find out information so my wife has flown out to be with her and speak to her doctors and find out anything she can. We just want to make sure Lucy's alright and then get her home safely."

A crowd-funding appeal has been set up by Lucy's friends to pay for her care while she recovers in Thailand. You can make a donation here.