Thai police have blamed social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter for hindering their search for David Miller and Hannah Witheridge's killers.

The British tourists were beaten to death with a hoe and wooden stick on holiday island Koh Tao on 15 September.

As the search for the killers nears its second week, deputy national police chief Somyot Pumpunmuang has blamed social media for spreading false rumours and derailing the investigation.

His claim came amid reports a key suspect had fled to Bangkok, one he denied at a press conference yesterday.

"I was surprised at the news. We haven't targeted anyone and have not concluded whether the murderers are still in the area,'' he said.

Detectives are no closer to finding the 24 and 23-year-old's murderers. Their bodies were found metres apart on a beach after they had reportedly got into an argument with a man at a nearby bar.

DNA samples of every man who was on the island at the time of their deaths are being taken after detectives found samples recovered from Witheridge that belonged to two different Asian men.

The extensive operation came after British brothers Christopher and James Ware were ruled out as suspects along with ten other locals.