iPhone 8 renders
Fan-made renders show how iOS 11 might look on the new iPhone Max Rudberg

There will not be an iPhone 7S, according to smartphone case manufacturers who believe Apple's next flagship will be called the 'iPhone Edition'.

Despite no official word from Apple, companies are already producing cases for the upcoming handsets, complete with packaging emblazoned with what they believe the names will be.

Those names, two anonymous but high-profile case manufactures told 9to5Mac, are iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone Edition.

This breaks with Apple's tradition, which for the past nine years has seen a numbered iPhone released one year, followed by an S version 12 months later. This pattern began with the iPhone 3G, which was followed by the 3GS, the 4, the 4S and so on up to last year's iPhone 7.

It is widely believed Apple will announce updated versions of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, alongside a third handset with a new, longer screen, reduced bezels and no home button at an event on 12 September. This third phone, leaks and rumours claim, will look unlike any iPhone to go before, be more powerful and feature-filled than ever, and have a £1,000 price tag.

The Edition name was last used by Apple for a range of expensive gold smartwatches. Put on sale in 2015, the gadget was offered in three ranges; Watch, Watch Sport and Watch Edition. The former began at £299, while the latter was gold plated and cost up to £13,500, but was discontinued when the updated Watch Series Two arrived in 2016.

Japanese blog Macotakara, which has a strong track record for reporting Apple news before it is made official, said in March that the iPhone Edition name would be used. It also claimed the phone will be delayed and not go on sale until well after it has been announced.

Apple has made a habit of doing this recently, with both the HomePod smart speaker and iMac Pro computer revealed in June 2017 but yet to go on sale. Added to this are repeated claims that the new flagship iPhone, the Edition, will be in very short supply until the end of the year. We suspect all will be revealed at Apples next media event, taking place in California at 10am local time (6pm BST) on 12 September.