As speculation mounts that Apple has something big planned for the iPhone's 10th birthday later in 2017, one of the most beautiful renders we have ever seen has surfaced online.

Created by Thadeu Brandão, the render shows how the iPhone might look if Apple extends the display across the bezels above and below. The screen stretches from the very top edge of the handset to the bottom, when it wraps around and under the home button.

The minute-long video is created in the style of an Apple advert and shows off how the extra screen space could be used to enhance how the iPhone is used. Judging by the size of the phone relative to the Lightning port and rear camera, it looks like this phone is no bigger than the current iPhone 7 Plus, but has a much larger screen.

Brandão shows how the space around the home button can be used to display extra information in each app, such as camera controls with the home screen acting as shutter button. Another example puts image editing tools either side of the home button, which is still recessed slightly as it is on the iPhone 7, and will likely still simulate a clicking feeling when pressed.

The render answers one of our main criticisms of the current iPhone design, which wastes a large amount of blank space above and below the screen, while keeping the handset the same size as it is now.

Few details are known about the 2017 iPhone for now, but it being the handset's 10th anniversary many are expecting Apple to make a big deal of it – especially since the iPhone 7 used the same basic design as the iPhone 6S and two-year-old iPhone 6. Although the birthday would be in June, a lack of leaks from the supply chain suggest Apple will stick to its usual update cycle, meaning a mid-September launch is most likely.

The phone's name is also up for debate, with some believing the expected 7S name does little to mark the 10th anniversary. iPhone 8 and iPhone X have been suggested as two alternatives, as well as simply 'iPhone'.

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