iPhone 8 X Edition concept
A screenshot of the iPhone 8 'X' Edition concept smartphone Imran Taylor / ConceptsiPhone

With the iPhone rumour mill kicking into overdrive in anticipation of seeing what Apple has in store for the iOS smartphone's 10th anniversary, concept creators have begun taking advantage of the frenzy by imagining how the next iPhone will look and perform based on leaks and speculation from noteworthy tipsters.

The latest concept video to gaze into Apple's future comes from designer Imran Taylor on the aptly named "ConceptiPhones" YouTube channel. The video, which offers a brief look at what it calls the "iPhone 8 - 'X' Edition" is embedded below.

iPhone 8 specs?

The design of the handset takes clear cues from the iPhone 4-era, imagining Apple's expected return to a glass body with a liquid metal frame holding the Gorilla Glass front and rear panels together. The heavily-rumoured OLED display makes an appearance as a 5.8in edge-to-edge panel, while the device itself is just 6.9mm thick.

Aside from an accessory-friendly Smart Connector like the one seen on 2016's iPad Pro family upgrade and an augmented reality photo-taking, 12 megapixel dual-camera (which is placed vertically for some reason), the main "ooh la la" feature of the fancy concept is its second touch sensitive display panel on the the lower bezel.

With Touch ID built into the entire display, the traditional circular button makes way for a bar that mimics the app-specific features of the MacBook Pro's Touch bar. The video shows how call and iMessage notifications would appear on the second display while the phone is locked, as well as a zoom slider for use with the camera app. It is all very cool.

While some of the iPhone 8 X Edition's feature wish list may not make it to the next version of Apple's decade-old smartphone, recent rumours of gesture and facial recognition capabilities seem to be pointing towards quite an impressive final product.