Legendary game developer Tim Schafer and DayZ creator Dean Hall have given their thoughts on the recent controversy surrounding Peter Molyneux and his Kickstarter-funded game Godus.

Molyneux and his studio 22Cans have been criticised for failing to deliver on promises made during Godus's Kickstarter campaign. Molyneux eventually apologised before partaking in two interviews - one with the Guardian, and the infamous one with Rock Paper Shotgun.

Schafer – well known for directing Grim Fandango and his involvement in the Monkey Island series – said the situation was "unfair" in a video, while Hall side-stepped Molyneux and focused on the issue of Kickstarter and other funding tools.

"In the last few weeks we've seen some extremely rough treatment of Peter on the internet and in the games press and I think it's really unfortunate and unfair, and I don't think it's healthy," said Schafer.

He added that he is "not saying that developers like Peter and I shouldn't be responsible and shouldn't be accountable to deadlines, [but] the reaction to recent events and the tone of that reaction is really way out of proportion to the seriousness of the events themselves.

"Developers are human beings and I think it's clear that the problems that Peter is having are not unique to him. In fact, they happen on many if not most projects."

Hall meanwhile tweeted about the need for accountability on such services.

Tim Schafer's video was an update on his current project Broken Age. The full video can be watched below.