iOS 7.1 Upgrade: iPhone 5s Users Facing Major Touch ID Issues [How to Fix]

In our bi-weekly look at the best apps for your iPhone, we look at 10 of the best new apps and games which have been released in the last two weeks.

This week we look at a new app from the makers of RunKeeper, a privacy-focused messaging app, a novel way of finding your lost phone and the perfect app for the amateur angler.

Silent Text 2 ($9.99 monthly subscription to Silent Circle required)

An app that allows for private text messaging and secure file transfer on mobile devices, Silent Text focusses on letting you send files - documents, presentations, voice messages, pictures, videos and contacts - to your friends and contacts.

The app allows set how long messages can be read for, to remotely delete them from the recipient's device as well as end-to-end encryption.

Developed by the people behind Silent Circle, which provides encrypted communication platforms, you will need a subscription to the service to use the Silent Text app ($9.99 a month or $99 a year)

The app will be appealing to those concerned by the revelations by Edward Snowden about governmental spying on communications.

Atom Run (£1.99)

Atom Run iOS Game

Yes, there are several platformers out there on iOS, but Atom Run is one of the better ones. It offers decent gameplay mechanics, a retro-futuristic environment and a very good in-game soundtrack.

The set-up is as follows: "In 2264, an unprecedented disaster put an end to all living things. Only the robots survived - but when exposed to radiation, they become uncontrollable! With one exception..."

You control Elgo, a robot prototype using "simple, intuitive commands" and you are charged with finding all the atoms and molecules that are critical to creating new life. With multiple zones, and multiple levels within each zone there is a lot of gameplay to keep your entertained here.

Watch Dogs Companion App (Free)

Along with this week's release of Watch Dogs, the highly anticipated open-world action adventure game from Ubisoft, gamers can also download the companion app for iOS and Android. You don't need to own Watch Dogs to use it and there aren't any micro-transactions either.

Players have a simple task: to stop gamers in Watch Dogs. And if they assist in this task successfully, they win.

The ctOS app includes two distinct modes. The first one is Race, in which the distance between checkpoints are short for gamers, who have their GPS turned on.

The second mode mode is Free Ride. In this, the game increases the distance of the checkpoints and turns the GPS off.

Secret (Free)

If you're into conspiracy theories, rumours and gossip related to the technology industry, then secret is the app for you.

It's concept is simple. Members of the tech industry post gossip, which there is no way of confirming, about leading companies and start-ups in Silicon Valley. The absence of names makes it hard for people track down the origin of posts. While it isn't exclusive to the tech industry, it happens to be where the app is most popular.

Marco Polo (£0.69)

Marco Polo Find your iPhone app

Misplacing your mobile phone can be really frustrating, especially if you want to get somewhere in a hurry.

This new app uses a concept inspired by the popular swimming pool game and responds to you shouting "Marco" by saying "Polo". The app should serve as a great solution to those who misplace their phones in their homes.

The app works even when your iPhone is in silent or sleep mode and a volume boost feature means you will hear your phone even when it is buried down the back of the couch.

FishBrain Fishing Reports - Angling Community Map (Free)

An app that might just become a fishing enthusiast's best friend, Fish Brain Fishing reports allows users to log their fishing trips and catches in a convenient format, share information on their catches, follow when and where other Anglers are at real time, follow activity in a user's favourite fishing spots and analyse an extensive fishing database to catch more and bigger fish.

Wist (Free)

The latest travel and food recommendation app on the block, Wist's USP is that it helps you pick destinations by occasion:

  • Will you be alone?
  • Will it be a date?
  • Will it be for business?
  • Will it just be for a wild time with the boys?

There's a wide range of search criteria and users can specify whether they are looking for coffee, food or drinks.

The new version sees Wist move out of just US to international markets including the UK, with 1.5 million restaurant listings.

Breeze (Free)

From the people who created RunKeeper, the Breeze app - which only works on the iPhone 5s - focuses on tracking how many footsteps you take everyday.

Breeze App from Runkeeper

The app is among the first to take advantage of the iPhone 5s's M7 co-processor which is a low-power chip that constantly monitors your movement throughout the day. There are numerous pedometer apps out there for iOS, with Breeze looking to appeal with its simple, clean interface, personalised walking goals and an up-to-date count of how many you have taken throughout the day.

Blab (Free)

Meant to signal the revival of Bebo, Blab is the first of three apps to be released by the social network this year.

A simple app which allows you to quickly record and send a video message to a friend. Set to take on the likes of Vine and Instagram, the app doesn't require your friend to have the apps, with the video opening in a browser if the recipient doesn't have the app.

There are no length limits on the videos (unlike Vine and Instagram) and each video is deleted once a new video is received - a feature akin to Snapchat's messaging service which allows users to delete messages seconds after they are read.

Deadmau5 (Free but requires subscription)

A fan of progressive house music? Then check out this app from one of the genre's most popular artists, Deadmau5. It is a new subscription-based service that will offers fans exclusive music and live video streams. Apart from this, fans also stand a chance at getting opportunities to chat with the artist himself.