Recently lots of celebrities have turned real life heroes. They proved that they are not just super heroes and life-savers in movies, but in real life too. They reacted during emergency situations and saved people's lives.

A look at the top 5 celebrity heroes who saved lives:

1. Dustin Hoffman: The Hollywood actor recently saved a jogger from heart attack. When Hoffman saw the man crashing to the ground, he called in paramedics and waited till they arrived supporting the victim. If it were noy for Hoffman, the man would have been a victim of cardiac arrest. The jogger later came back to life and thanked his hero Dustin Hoffman.

2. Mila Kunis: The actress saved a worker's life while at home. The victim was suffering from a seizure when Kunis reacted immediately and turned his head to the side which is the right thing that had to be done. She helped him manage till the paramedics came.

3. Kate Winslet: The rescue operation done by Kate Winslet is highly appreciable. When in 2011 Richard Branson's home burnt to flames, the actress saved his 90-year-old grandmother. The bold actress stepped into the home where more than 20 occupants were trapped and saved the helpless lady. The home was struck by lightning and Branson's grandmother was unable to come out.

4. T I Harris: The rapper saved the life of a man who was about to commit suicide jumping off a building. Initially Harris called the emergency services and waited for them to arrive. But later he realised that if he did not act immediately, the man would commit suicide. So he went and spoke to the man himself, persuading him to refrain from suicide. Apparently, the man did as per what Harris told him.

5. Patrick Dempsey: When a teenager's car crashed near his home, the actor immediately went to rescue the kid. Near Dempsey's Malibu home, the car crashed at a high speed and almost killed the driver. But because of Dempsey's proper timing and efforts, the life of the kid was saved.