Dr Liam Fox and Owen Paterson
Dr Liam Fox (L) and Owen Paterson have been asked to reveal why they spoke at the London Swinton Circle meetings Getty

Three Tory MPs have been asked to disclose their association with a "vile" right-wing fringe Conservative group who call for mass African migration and the return of capital punishment.

Two former cabinet ministers, Dr Liam Fox and Owen Paterson, have been confirmed to have attended meetings of the controversial London Swinton Circle group in recent months.

Christopher Chope, the MP for Christchurch, was also said to have attended a discussion by the Circle in November.

The London Swinton Circle are a right-wing pressure group who claim to uphold "traditional conservative and Unionist principles". It was set up more than 50 years ago by supporters of Enoch Powell.

During the 1980s, it was run by Beryl 'Bee' Carthew, a former member of the National Front who later joined the Conservative party.

The fringe group still remains today and releases a monthly online newsletter which discusses topics such as immigration, gay marriage and "interracial rape".

In its May 2014 newsletter, the group discussed David Cameron's Immigration Bill and suggested a repeat of when former slaves were returned to Sierra Leone in the 19<sup>th Century, reported the Guardian.

It states: "Whilst only a few blacks were actually transported, the episode serves as a precedent. As the principle of the mass movement of people is accepted by all the mainstream parties, then would it not be difficult to argue against the mass movement of people from Britain to say some part of Africa?"

The group's Spring 2014 newsletter also contains the question: "The current government in New Zealand oversaw the introduction of 'Gay Marriage' last year. Was the recent destruction of Wellington by earthquake a warning?"

Another newsletter discussing child exploitation in Rotherham also referees to Asian people involved in the scandal as "colonists" and that "Rape [has] become a business for the immigrants".

Speaking in the House of Commons, Labour MP Sheila Gilmore called on the Conservatives to explain why the party is allowing three prominent members to associate themselves with the group.

She said: "These Conservative MPs must immediately explain their actions and their associations with this group and the Conservative Party should explain why it is content for this association to continue."

Fox's offices responded to the Guardian when asked about how much he knew about the London Swinton Circle's views.

His office said: "Dr Fox was not aware of any of the views that you mention. He accepts a wide range of speaking engagements and is willing to make the Conservative case to many different groups who may not agree with Conservative policy. This is part of the democratic process."

IBTimes UK are also awaiting comment from Paterson and Chope regarding their views on the group.

London Swinton Circle organiser Allan Robertson said what the group discussed in the meetings the three MPs attended was under the Chatham House rule so could not be revealed. However a message on their website said Fox attended a talk on 20 October to discuss national debt, EU referendum, Russia and the Islamic State.

Chope attended a meeting on 6 November to talk about "justice and migration issues" while Paterson joined the group on 19 November to talk about the "domestic political and international spectrum".