Trading in shares of Spain's fourth largest bank has been suspended over bailout rumours.

Bankia has been under pressure from all sides, not least customers unhappy at the way it's being run. They protested out the bank's HQ yesterday claiming their savings have been stolen. Rumour is it's going to ask the Spanish government for a £12bn bailout later today. That's on top of the £3.6bn (£4.5bn euros) in state loans that it was given two weeks ago, meaning it's now part-nationalised.

Bankia has been reassuring savers that their money is ok, but today's news is sure to unnerve not only them but also the rest of the Eurozone. The Spanish government has to keep doing all it can to keep the country's banking sector afloat and healthy. Analysts' eyes are firmly fixed on how Bankia and the government ride out this current storm because if they don't, then the nerves about whether the country as a whole could need a bailout from the International Monetary Fund will get even more jittery.