Trevor Noah has opened up about the day his stepfather shot his mother, Patricia, in the head. The comedian has said that all he "felt was rage" after hearing about the horrifying incident.

The Daily Show host was an adult when he received a phone call from his brother, who informed him that their mother had been shot by their stepfather. The incident happened after the couple had divorced.

Thankfully, Noah's mother survived as the bullet missed her brain and arteries as it came out of her nose after she was shot at the back of her head.

Noah's stepfather was convicted of attempted murder but was only sentenced to probation.

"I remember after the shooting, my mother was in the hospital, and all I felt was rage," Noah said in an interview with People. "My mother said to me, 'Don't hate him for doing this, but rather pity him because he too is a victim, in his own way, of a world that has thrust upon him an idea of masculinity that he has subscribed to and is now a part of. As for myself, I do not wish to imbue myself with a hatred that only I will carry'."

"I think watching my mom, her growth post-shooting, our family and the way we became stronger, really became the example that I chose to live by. That's really what I've stuck to, and that's how I try to live my life every day," he said.

Noah said he has asked his mother why she didn't leave their stepfather after suffering abuse at the hands of her partner.

"She said, 'Because if I leave, he will kill us'," Noah said. "I said to her, 'That's extreme. I don't think that's real'," he said.