Impromptu dancing on the London Underground would normally only get you disapproving looks from the rush hour crowd, but after the most recent Tube strike some Londoners decided to get commuters throwing shapes.

Action Productions and The Liberators International felt that tube drivers needed to be thanked for getting back to work after the strike and delivering people where they needed to go so they sent a man in a tuxedo to shake Tube passengers up.

Blasting Junior Senior's classic hit Move Your Feet in the tube carriage he asks people to join in with the dancing. "Such a good way to travel" he says, while more and more commuters get up and get moving encouraged by cheers and clapping from everyone else. Others film the action with their mobile phones.

With two more Tube strikes planned for the end of August there will be all the more reason to celebrate with a rave in the Underground when the Tube is actually moving.