A politician was shot in the head at his offices in Istanbul as the funerals of some of those killed in the failed military coup took place in the city. Cemil Candas, deputy mayor of the affluent Sisli district, is a member of the Republican People's Party (CHP), the main opposition to President Erdogan's ruling party. Candas was in critical condition following the shooting and a number of media outlets are reporting that he has since died.

A solitary assailant entered Candas's office after which gun shots were heard. A suspect is reported to have been detained by police. It is unclear whether the attack on Candas is linked to Friday's coup, but Istanbul is still tense as funerals take place across the city. Another possibility is that Candas was targeted because he represented a Jewish area in a country which is 98% Muslim.

The CHP controls the Sisli district in istanbul. Although opposed to President Erdogan the CHP condemned last week's attempted coup. Large scale arrests of military figures and civil servants have continued as Erdogan continues to crush those he believes responsible.

Almost 9,000 police were dismissed today (18 July) and there are fears the law may be changed to allow the death penalty, though the European Union (EU) has warned that would mean Turkey's chances of joining the EU would be hampered.

Meanwhile new video footage has emerged showing the ferocity of the violence last Friday night. In one video a helicopter is seen firing 20mm cannon at the National Intelligence Agency in Ankara, chewing up the street and making cars screech to a halt. Security staff at the building return fire although experts say it would be difficult to bring heavily-armoured helicopters down. The death toll from Friday's coup now stands at 232, with 1,500 wounded.