Looking at the gaming scene right now, other than MOBAs such as "Dota 2" and "League of Legends," most players are streaming shooters. Ranging from the traditional first-person or third-person type of combat, these are apparently some of the most dominant titles that are making a big impact. Popular games such as "PUBG," "Fortnite," "Apex Legends," "Overwatch," and more reportedly have stellar viewership ratings. Twitch is the platform of choice for these professional gamers, but it looks like Microsoft might be changing the scene. Following the footsteps of two industry icons, another notable streamer is switching over to Mixer.

A few months ago, Twitch users were caught by surprise when Tyler "Ninja" Blevins announced his departure from the service. Last week, another familiar face followed suit as Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek also dropped out of the platform to move to Mixer. Now, Microsoft is joined by another powerhouse as Cory "King Gothatlion" Michael steps away from the Amazon-owned game-streaming outlet.

According to a report from PC Gamer, the new member of the Mixer might not be in the same league as the previous two personalities. Nevertheless, with an estimated 1,014,724 followers on Twitch. Michael can potentially carry those over to Microsoft's side. Ninja is synonymous with "Fortnite" and Shroud is notably an ace with almost any shooter he gets his hands on. King Gothalion, on the other hand, specialises in "Destiny 2" and "Borderlands 3".

Analysts following the developments point out that Blevins was allegedly not happy with how Twitch handles the growth of his brand. Meanwhile, Grzesiek indicated that Mixer gives him more freedom as to how he can interact with his viewers. "Working closer with Microsoft and Xbox is not only gonna help us propel what we're doing," said Michael. He likewise elaborated that his goal is to help other broadcasters and raise funds for charity.

Data gathered by sources show a significant upsurge of viewers right after Ninja started streaming his gameplay on Mixer a few months ago. With the addition of Shroud and King Gothalion in the lineup, this can possibly push Microsoft's brand up the charts. Nevertheless, it seems that it will take a while before it can match the numbers generated by Twitch.

Livestreaming video platform Twitch,
Livestreaming video platform Twitch, popular with gamers, was used by a gunman in German who posted a stream of his attack on a synagogue and restaurant in the city of Halle Photo: AFP / Martin BUREAU Martin Bureau/AFP