Teen Wolf season 6 will return with its final 10 episodes this summer on MTV Network. Actors Tyler Posey, who plays Scott McCall, has shared some plot details about series finale chapter and revealed that the show ends on a cliffhanger.

Posey told Entertainment Tonight at the 2017 MTV Movie and TV Awards, "You'll get a lot of [your questions] answered. There's always going to be stuff where you're going to be left hanging on -- just some minor things -- because the way I want Teen Wolf to progress."

Teasing a possible return, the actor said, "It's that maybe we come back one day, as a movie or something [or] a TV show again. In in my heart, would love that to happen, so I kind of want to leave some small things open, but we do get a really nice wrap up of everybody and everything, and all the really die-hard fans are going to love it. It's for them."

After playing Scott for six seasons, Posey is proud of the work he has done on Teen Wolf, which is loosely based on the 1985 film of the same name. He told the publication, "Everybody [was unsure of the series when it was announced]. I was a big fan of [the original Teen Wolf] Michael J. Fox growing up as a kid."

Reminiscing about his time on the show, Posey said, "I felt a little odd, too, but the second I read the script... I'm like, 'Damn, we're doing something way different. It's darker, it's edgier, it's a lot cooler, it's deeper.' I think we did a pretty good job at turning it into something new, but still giving remembrance to the actual movie."

Posey's co-star, Shelley Hennig, who plays Malia Tate in Teen Wolf, shared some details about season 6 final episode. She told ET that fans can "expect a lot of blood, sweat and tears" and "new relationships" as season six comes to a close. "I think all of our questions will be answered," Hennig added.

Season 6 episode 10 ended on a perfect note, with the pack graduating from Beacon Hills High School, and Stiles and Lydia finally getting together.