Tyler Posey
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Teen Wolf actor Tyler Posey's latest Instagram upload has fans asking all sorts of questions: is it a marijuana-laced latte? Why his middle finger is sticking out? And most of all what's the message?

The 25-year-old actor recently sparked frenzy on social media with a cryptic picture of what seems to be a beverage with a cannabis leaf design on top. However, as suggestive the snap of the drink is, Posey, topped it by subtly flipping his middle finger on the side.

Summaaatime. Where the livings easy

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"Summaaatime. Where the livings easy," he captioned his suggestive Instagram photo with the popular song lyric. As expected, the image sparked quite a commotion with fans flocking down to the picture-sharing site to share their piece of mind in the comments section.

"See that finger you're hiding there," a fan wrote, while a second commented, "A weed latte? That actually tastes good?" referring to the cannabis design-imprinted drink in the picture.

Keeping with the mood evoked by the snap, many of Posey's fans even mentioned the following lines of the song - "Fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high."

"Secretly flipping us off," a fan wrote, while another added, "everything about this picture is great."

While many liked Posey's upload, several seemed disappointed with the message conveyed through the picture. "We get it u smoke weed," one of the comments read.

Another critic wrote, "Way to encourage & influence all those young followers of yours. Consider me disappointed (again)."

Posey, who is known to be quite vocal on social media, most recently opened up about undergoing therapy to deal with depression following his mother's death. The actor admits having benefitted from the sessions and he strongly urges others to give a shot as well.

"Taking even one therapy session is just one step in the right direction to getting help and getting better, so I think it's great. I love it. I've convinced a lot of my friends to get into therapy, and they've given it a shot," the actor told Page Six.

"Right now I'm somewhat OK and mentally stable that I don't need to be in it a couple of times a week, whereas other phases of my life I felt like I needed it at least a couple of times a week," he added.