tyson fury
Tyson Fury was stripped of his world heavyweight belt after admitting to taking cocaine getty

Disgraced former WBO heavyweight champion Tyson Fury attacked British boxer David Haye on social media and called him "David Gay". Fury, who was stripped of his world titles after failing a drug test, took to Twitter and said that Haye is finally out of the closet.

The duo have some unsettled history as they were scheduled to face-off twice – first in September 2013 and then in February 2014 – only for Haye to have pulled out on both occasions due to injury. Haye is returning to the ring after a hiatus of almost three-and-a-half years and will face WBC cruiserweight champion Tony Bellew in March 2017.

The Londoner recently clashed with Bellew in what was a heated press conference to announce the Sky pay-per-view event, leading to Haye punching the latter.

Unimpressed, Fury posted a series of tweets and the first read: "I see David Gay talking s**t again! He talks about boxing history but has no clue what he is talking about, proper s**t house, Bellew 2 ko em."

He followed it up with another tweet and said: "To be quite frank, heavyweight boxing is s**t ATM, so called killers fighting bums who we don't know & old men fighting for titles."

Fury did not stop there and tweeted a third time. "I wasn't having a go at David Gay I'm complementing him, on knowing f***all about boxing and being out of the closet. Well done Dave," he wrote.

The 28-year-old has attracted criticism in the past as well over his controversial stance on homosexuality where he compared it to paedophilia and said that both – homosexuality and paedophilia – should be made illegal along with abortion.

Although Fury refuted claims that he was homophobic, his comments offended a vast number of people, with over 51,000 signing a petition to drop him from the BBC Sports Personality of the Year shortlist.