Ubisoft has once again extended the closed multiplayer beta for Rainbow Six: Siege on PS4, Xbox One and PC until Sunday 4 October. The decision comes after a rocky start to the beta, which started on 24 September and was originally scheduled to end on 28 September.

The game's matchmaking was broken from the outset, with Ubisoft saying players would only have a "60% chance to start a match successfully". The beta was taken offline for maintenance on Saturday 26 September, which eased but did not solve the issue.

To coincide with its announcement, Ubisoft has also sent emails out to anyone who participated in a beta match before 29 September, giving them four codes, specific to the platform they played the beta on, which will grant their friends access to the beta. We got one such email and are going to share those codes with you – they are at the foot of this article.

In August, Ubisoft announced its decision to delay Siege's original 13 October release date until 1 December. Recently, the developers at Ubisoft Montreal also confirmed the game would not feature a traditional single-player campaign.

In our experience with the beta, matchmaking has remained a big problem. Sometimes finding a match is easy, sometimes it takes an age, other times it just does not work at all. When you actually get to play the game, though, it is tight, exciting and tactical – near enough exactly what we wanted from a new Rainbow Six.

How that stretches over a full game will depend on the number and quality of maps and modes to play. That all said, players using the shield are ridiculously overpowered and tough to kill. That will need to be addressed before the game hits in two months' time.


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