floods uk
Forecasters have warned some areas to expect more flooding this week Reuters

Parts of Britain will be hit with storms this week as 80mph winds and heavy rain look set to bring more flooding, following the wettest January on record.

The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for most of southern England and Wales as an Atlantic depression heads towards British shores.

The Environment Agency has issued nearly 50 flood warnings across the UK, with 20mm of rainfall expected in some places.

Will Lang, Met Office chief meteorologist, warned that the bad weather is likely to continue throughout the week:

He said: "We have more Atlantic depressions heading our way this week. Heavy rain and gales sweeping in from the west later on Wednesday [5 January] brings the risk of further flooding in some areas and possible disruption to transport and power supplies.

"Southern England is also at risk of further heavy rain on Thursday [6 January] night. However, there is some uncertainty about whether this area of low pressure will reach our shores, it may stay to the south of us and we are monitoring how it will develop."

Met Office forecasters have advised people to be aware the weather may change or worsen, leading to disruption of plans in the next few days.

Will Stephens, RNLI coastal safety staff officer, said: "With more stormy weather forecast, we're asking people to take extra care if they're going down to the coast. Rough seas and extreme weather might look exciting, but getting too close can be risky.

"So respect the water and, in particular, avoid exposed places where big waves could sweep you off your feet."